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There are so many reasons to come in and check out H.I.T. Factory Approved, a gym like no other in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn:

  1. There is something for everyone: Whether it’s the trademark H.I.T. Fit—high intensity interval training, Total Body Conditioning, Boxing, Spin, there is something for every level and aspect of fitness. With more classes to come!
  2. State of the Art Equipment: bored of the same old machines? We have lots of new toys to keep things interesting.
  3. Community: come sweat with your like-minded neighbors.
  4. Accountability: our certified instructors will have your back and keep you motivated.
  5. Convenience: we’re located a short distance from the R Train with daily classes and open gym time to accommodate any tight schedule.
  6. Get in Shape! Of course, the main reason to try it is how good you’ll look and feel after working out with us.

The best way to know whether this gym is the right fit for you is to come in and check it out. We’ll even give you the first class for free with no commitment.

So break out of your old routine and turn things up a notch with a free class at the H.I.T. Factory!

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Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. One of our fitness experts would be happy to help you find the classes targeted to your fitness goals.